Open your Eyes

There’s no doubt that there is a lot happening around us. 

International riots in countries across the world as well as protests here at home in Port-of-Spain. Upcoming elections in the United States and our very own general elections soon to come in August. Bankruptcies, lay offs and economic strife across conglomerates.  Large franchises and well established companies enduring hardships in countries abroad as well as at home.

So from country to country, place to place we as a people are all facing similar fates. We all feel a tremendous sense of uncertainty coupled with discomfort and turmoil all happening simultaneously. 

However in every situation no matter how hard it may seem there is an opportunity to see the light and to embrace the blessing.

The positive conversations and ideas of possible solutions, regarding relations between different cultures and races and the neglected in society has not been as robust as it has been today. There are numerous online webinars, news reports, live discussions and social media dialogue on how to improve. This is good. 

Elections afford the opportunity for citizens to table their issues and discuss their challenges. These discussions are coupled with the salient reminder that in order to drive change, one has to literally place one’s future into their own hands via their vote. This is empowering. 

The economic challenges faced by individuals and companies alike is forcing the greater discussion of self sustainability. How often have we talked about the need for diversification and ‘buying local’. This can no longer be a talking point, but has moved within recent months to action with a number of small businesses moving their transactions online and local markets diversifying their product offerings. This is forward thinking.  

So even within the body of challenges being faced both locally and internationally,  there are positive outcomes which are evident for us to see. We simply need to change the perspective from which we look at these challenges, and embrace the possibility that we might see the good.