The bags of life

School bags, hand bags, laptop bags…the morning dilemma

On a random morning, somewhere in between finding the keys for the car and hollering “It’s time to go!” to the troops, I glanced at what I can only describe as a conundrum, a plethora, a never ending pile of bags!

It is in that brief moment, when it occurred to me.

This right here is your life!

I did what needed to be done to get these various packages to the car, but reflected on them.

The kids’ bags packed with supplies needed for them to become knowledgeable persons in society [their trolley High Sierra bags are durable!] They also have their extra curricular bags carrying sneakers and the like for afternoon activities – an important part of training these young ones for future endeavours. Then there was my laptop bag, carrying my laptop and who knows what else  in there! An important tool in my career none the less and what helps in paying the bills,  and buying these very bags!

Then there are the lunch bags…..the bags that I spend time with every morning in an intimate dance of fill the container / pack into the lunch bag. Fill the lunch container then pack into the lunch bag. Fill the fruit container then pack into the lunch bag. Fill the snack container then pack into the lunch bag. Fill the water and juice containers and then pack these into the lunch bag too. This dance routine across the kitchen floor is almost rhythmic and takes place in the peace of the morning before the melody is broken by the sound of the pitter patter of feet coming down the corridor to the kitchen, which in and of themselves are a rhythmic beautfiul sound.

But it is back to the reality of the moment. The race against that clock! We’ve piled into the car and we are off, with the car trunk filled with the packages of our lives.

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