Beautiful Differences

The kids. The siblings.


I looked at these 2 flowers one morning and quite admired them. I loved the colour of each flower, and the detailing to be found in them. I held them together.

The thought that ran through my mind was that despite their differences, despite their clear outward features, they somehow were just like ‘peas in a pod’  – funnily that’s exactly the term I use when describing my kids collectively.

The beauty of love

Now whilst such beauty exists in nature, it is amazing that it can be become not so beautiful as well. The harmony that allows us to coexist, allows us to display our beauty, our inner purpose. This harmony is a balance that needs to be maintained.

As beings, in order for us to display our full beauty, what is crucial is that we are given our space to grow and realize our fullest potential. Just like the plants and trees of nature that coexist beautifully within forested areas, each plant grows on its own, it grows individually. These plants and trees will produce their own flowers, leaves and fruit and become what they ultimately were set to become. That journey is very much an individual one.

Similarly, our children are held in our hearts,  collectively as peas in a pod. They are one in the same. They are a unit. They play together, laugh together, eat together and fall asleep together. Walking the same journey of school days, birthdays and of course play days. they too walk their individual journeys. They coexist wonderfully (on most days).

…and war

However…they fight and argue and can easily take sibling rivalry to the next level on any day. This struggle, this sibling combat as it were, is difficult to watch but again is nature’s allowance of individualism. Each being though coming from a collective, develops individually, displays their unique beauty and exhibits their individual strength. This war, this fighting and arguing for space, for things, to be first, to be the best, is part of the necessary journey of growth and self realization.

In order to attain their higher purpose and realize their full potential, there is a similar struggle that takes place amongst plants and trees within forests as well. Despite their coexistence within the same habitat, despite the outward beauty displayed by the carpet of green that is seen in forested areas, plants also do compete! They compete for space, for light, for food. Yet, this war is a necessary one, and this war ultimately makes the forest the beautiful sight that it is.

Embrace life

So while we hope that the beauty that exists to make us a whole, is insurmountable, we can quickly recognize that the differences also add to that beauty. The differences in my two beautiful flowers on that weekday morning, uniformed at their core, but beautifully different on their exterior, make them together an image of beauty. Let us remember to embrace the beauty that is life. Hold dear our peas our pod but not be afraid to let them germinate on their own.

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