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MOM – How can we do this enough

Yes we are in that season, that period of the year when we pay special attention to this lady in our lives. I am starting with my tribute today because, quite frankly, there really is no start or end to recognzing this human being.

I have been observing a number of moms in my midst recently. The journey from child bearing to running around wiping runny noses. The journey of self sacrifice, of thoughtfulness, of exuberant joy and of quiet pain, starts early!


The bearing of children truly announces the journey that will be the life of mothering. It signals The Start of the changing of a woman’s life forever. Women who comfortably pumped in their heels, worked out daily in the gym, and strutted in their threads, now have to at least give some additional thought to putting this new human being first. What is beautfiul about this, is that it almost comes naturally, instinctiving and lovingly.

Then there are the associated changes that mothers have no choice undergoing. Those changes that they (willingly) accept as part of the journey of brining another into the world. The ever swelling size, the waddling walk and the rounded face signal The Start of acceptance that life is going to change forever.

This life bearing period brings with it a wash of emotions, an ongoing phase of ups and downs that with it brings The Start of grace. Gracefully accepting this important task, gracefully knowing the awesome reponsibility, gracefully acting the part of mother. The magnanimous nature of this role is not lost on most, and many a time those entrusted with it, are not prepared and are far from fully understanding all that is expected. However with time, with growing in love and understanding, women gracefully say “I do”.

With all that mothers go through at The Start of their journey (and we have not even begun touching the years of the journery itsefl!) we really have to ask ourselves How can we thank you enough?

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