Mom, Is that you?


Is that you wearing those fancy pumps to work, those cute blouses, short skirts, fitted pants and jewelry all matching with lovely pins in your hair; or is that you running around the house after me and my siblings,  in sweats and flip flops, looking all frazzle dazzled, shouting “get back here!”

Is that you who you reminiscing on a good old school party with a DJ spinning, music pumping, and bodies all moving to a beat, with lights shining bright; or is that you  sending me into my quiet bedroom, tucking me into my quiet cosy bed, reading me a story and then kissing me goodnight.

Is that you sitting so professionally in meetings, presenting business plans to your colleagues, managing your laptop and spread sheets, all in the palm of your hand; or is that you sitting flat with legs spread out on the beach,  building sand castles, and rolling aound with us in the sand.

Is that you preparing your salad for the office each day, juicing your veges and packing your infused water bottle with fruit: or is that you chomping on a pizza with us, or buying us cotton candy, and blowing bubble gum juicy fruit.

Is that you doing your daily yoga routine, meditating, breathing, calming your spirit and centering your thoughts and mind; or is that you cracking up at our jokes, screaming and laughing with us and having a great great time!

Mom, Is that you?!

“Yes my child. It is all me. As diverse as the colours of the flowers that bloom. It is me.”

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