Nature’s Beauty


Nature’s beauty


Growing up in Maracas Valley, in Trinidad, has always been a tremendous joy. To this day, visiting home as an adult, brings a sense of calm and peace to my heart.

The Valley offers something that cannot be understated.

The untouched beauty of forested areas bring that much needed perspective of our insignificance amongst their greatness. Yet these forests with their beautiful trees, their lush green leaves and the vast vegetation on the forest floors somehow still signal you into their world with a hushed beckoning and peaceful grace.

What is particularly distinctive is the balance achieved between the deafening silence within these walls of trees – the fact that they can easily ‘press mute’ to the external sounds of a busy and hustling world, with the natural sounds that they themselves generate from all of those creatures they have embraced within their furrows and branches. These creatures themselves generate a range of sounds, which somehow never seem like noise but are almost harmonious themselves.

Isn’t it wonderful spending time outside of the concrete jungle? The real jungle is so much better!

There is something about the sound of birds. That chirping. That singing. That ever so sweet sound that awakens sleepy heads on a morning. What I find so beautiful about birds, is that they exist seemingly in their own world – they flutter from tree branch to tree branch, soar high in the sky and then land ever so gently on their nest. Not the least bit bothered by the goings on in the world around them.

Then there is that stream that meandered through the forest floor. It was an absolute delight when we were younger to run across that stream, splash, dance and spend loads of time doing nothing in that pristine, cold, valley water! Many a Saturday afternoon was spent there.  Time would stand still.

The sun and the rain. These all provided their own form of delight. Their own form of joy. Their own form of play. They facilitated games and laughter. And on many a day when they coexisted, the rainbows crowned the skies with majestic beauty.


The escape that the natural environment provides to the soul, is almost vital to a healthy life.  The speed at which we exist every day is at times unsustainable. I am not sure when it became the norm to stop walking through the forests and to start walking though offices; to no longer shout with laughter but to start corporate bickering.  Reflecting on those carefree days bring great perspective to the importance of the simpler things, to what truly matters in life – the fact that we are really made to spend time in close connection with the earth, our true escape. I fell lucky and actually blessed, that my escape still exists. Connecting now to our anthurium farm, allows us to still connect with nature. It provides that much needed escape and balance to the crazy lives in our new type of jungle. 

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