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Remembering Dads

While we read alot about the moms who faced challenging times during the lock down period, we don’t discuss as frequently, the challenges faced by dads.

Dads who had the uncertainty of guaranteed income to support their families;
those who needed to pivot their businesses to embrace the new norm;
those that had quiet fears of the health and safety of their families;
and those that anxiously kept abreast of world events to understand how to steer their family’s ship in uncertain waters.

There is also the lighter side of husbands who couldn’t head to their weekly sporting hobby or take part in their afternoon ‘sweat’ on the field.

Those who felt cooped up at home, unable to do the occassional ‘lime’ with the boys to ease their stresses but instead had to socialise at home with screaming kids and a stressed out wife!

So let’s take some time to remember the dads. It has not been easy for them either.
We salute you too!







The Power of Flowers.

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The complimentary pairing of life’s simplest pleasures – a delightful meal and flowers. Tablescape courtesy Daniella Kwang.








The Power of Flowers.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Blog-Flower-punctuations.png

The complimentary pairing of life’s simplest pleasures – a delightful meal and flowers. Tablescape courtesy Daniella Kwang.


“It is proven that flowers have the power to make lives better.” 

Secretary General of the Association of Horticulture Producers Tim Briercliffe.

When you think of it, many of life’s most joyous moments are punctuated by the presence of florals. Their presence is central to spectacular tablescapes. They can be found on immaculately laid family lunch tables, courting wonderful conversations and peals of laughter. They provide that gentle touch of colour at breakfast occasions complimenting the continental scrambled eggs and pancakes, or the flavourful local cuisines that are simply irrestible. What is a romantic dinner in the glow of warm flickering candle lights without the presence of flowers. An evening at home with your closest girlfriends with chitter chatter over (many) glasses of wine, is not complete without that floral conversation piece that stimulates the ooohhs and aaahhs upon entry to your home. An afternoon of delightful high tea almost demands that perfectly designed intimately selected floral piece.

These life occassions are many. These moments are special. These events are intimate. These life moments seemlessly weave into their precious fabric the beauty of flowers. The ubiquitous nature of flowers cannot be underestimated, and for this reason, they are an integral part of our lives.

So remember that special touch of flowers, when planning your next occassion (however small it may be…). Include that touch of colour and class. Pick up a bunch today!

Call to Prayer

Call to Prayer

We usually spend time appreciating the beauty of life, the best of nature, the beauty of flowers and all that nature has to offer that brings joy to our hearts.

I wanted to take time  this week to appreciate the beauty of the Islamic Call to Prayer of our Muslim brothers and sisters during the period of Ramadan, and in recognition of this week of Eid.

In the Central part of Trinidad, we have always been beneficiaries of the beauty of the Celebrations of our East Indian community. The Islamic Call to Prayer is one that we particularly enjoy. Listening to the beautiful sounds of the Adhan sung by the muezzin at the mosque. It is a sound that is peaceful yet compelling. We hear it at 5am in the still of the morning, and at 6pm during the peaceful time at dusk.

Listening to it reminds us of the blessing that we have in our country, of all of our religious communities, being afforded the peaceful time and space to perform rituals that are integral to our respective beliefs. What is also beautiful are the parallels of the celebrations, as come the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslim families will gather in joyful celebration exchanging greetings and love, and spend time together talking and laughing over meals.

Just like the beautiful species of nature, we should be grateful that in our country of Trinidad and Tobago, we are able to coexist in harmony with our brothers and sisters of other faiths. We should be appreciative of this and recognize that in so doing we are consistently contributing to the richness of our lives.

We wish our Muslim brothers and sisters Eid Mubarak!

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Life Perspective

Life perspective

Sometimes we spend time looking around. Looking around to find the joy in our lives. Looking around to find a laugh and a smile. Looking around to find peace and rest. We spend time searching. Searching but not finding.

We often need to pause our busy searching. Pause for a moment and centre our minds. Such meditation moments help us to gain a better perspective. Such moments bring clarity on what should be our priorities. What should be the focus of our attention. What is truly important.

So take sometime today to pause and to reflect. Take sometime to stop looking in the distance for what you think is important. Take time to realize that what is important is many times right in front of us. Take time to get Perspective.

Sentimental Flowers and the Royal Wedding

The Sentimentality of Flowers and the Royal Wedding

I looked at the beautiful bridal bouquet that Meghan Markle – now Duchess of Sussex – chose for her big day. The small bunch was arranged almost to suit the size of her hand perfectly. The length of the stalks and the heights of the flowers were cut to precision.

The simplicity of her boquet, much like her dress, stood out. She did not chose the bright colours, the large foliage, the combination of floral types that is typical of the trends of today. It did not include the white roses that are are also a popular choice or the anthurium flowers of the tropical theme.

She kept it quite small, almost cute. She chose simplicity yet elegance, to accompany her down the aisle yesterday.  The beauty of her boquet extended beyond the physical beauties of the Forget-Me-Nots, jasmine, sweet peas and lily of the valley flowers.

We also understand that sprigs of Myrtle a tradition across royal weddings were included. These flowers, a symbol of hope and love, are also used in wedding boquets to infuse futures with hope and love. What was most beautiful about the inclusion of these sprigs of flowers was the sentimentality behind them. They were hand selected and chosen because they were a favourite of the deceased Princess Diana. She particularly loved these flowers. These flowers offered the sentimentality that is a key component of weddings.

Flowers allow for that symbolism. They allow for that link to tradition. They offer that sentimental value. They evoke that emotion that is usually rife on such occassions. This certainly was not lost on the big Royal Wedding day yesterday and will continue to be a key component of important and memorable occassions for years to come.

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Mom, Is that you?


Is that you wearing those fancy pumps to work, those cute blouses, short skirts, fitted pants and jewelry all matching with lovely pins in your hair; or is that you running around the house after me and my siblings,  in sweats and flip flops, looking all frazzle dazzled, shouting “get back here!”

Is that you who you reminiscing on a good old school party with a DJ spinning, music pumping, and bodies all moving to a beat, with lights shining bright; or is that you  sending me into my quiet bedroom, tucking me into my quiet cosy bed, reading me a story and then kissing me goodnight.

Is that you sitting so professionally in meetings, presenting business plans to your colleagues, managing your laptop and spread sheets, all in the palm of your hand; or is that you sitting flat with legs spread out on the beach,  building sand castles, and rolling aound with us in the sand.

Is that you preparing your salad for the office each day, juicing your veges and packing your infused water bottle with fruit: or is that you chomping on a pizza with us, or buying us cotton candy, and blowing bubble gum juicy fruit.

Is that you doing your daily yoga routine, meditating, breathing, calming your spirit and centering your thoughts and mind; or is that you cracking up at our jokes, screaming and laughing with us and having a great great time!

Mom, Is that you?!

“Yes my child. It is all me. As diverse as the colours of the flowers that bloom. It is me.”

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Loving Mom

MOM – How can we do this enough

Yes we are in that season, that period of the year when we pay special attention to this lady in our lives. I am starting with my tribute today because, quite frankly, there really is no start or end to recognzing this human being.

I have been observing a number of moms in my midst recently. The journey from child bearing to running around wiping runny noses. The journey of self sacrifice, of thoughtfulness, of exuberant joy and of quiet pain, starts early!


The bearing of children truly announces the journey that will be the life of mothering. It signals The Start of the changing of a woman’s life forever. Women who comfortably pumped in their heels, worked out daily in the gym, and strutted in their threads, now have to at least give some additional thought to putting this new human being first. What is beautfiul about this, is that it almost comes naturally, instinctiving and lovingly.

Then there are the associated changes that mothers have no choice undergoing. Those changes that they (willingly) accept as part of the journey of brining another into the world. The ever swelling size, the waddling walk and the rounded face signal The Start of acceptance that life is going to change forever.

This life bearing period brings with it a wash of emotions, an ongoing phase of ups and downs that with it brings The Start of grace. Gracefully accepting this important task, gracefully knowing the awesome reponsibility, gracefully acting the part of mother. The magnanimous nature of this role is not lost on most, and many a time those entrusted with it, are not prepared and are far from fully understanding all that is expected. However with time, with growing in love and understanding, women gracefully say “I do”.

With all that mothers go through at The Start of their journey (and we have not even begun touching the years of the journery itsefl!) we really have to ask ourselves How can we thank you enough?

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Beautiful Differences

The kids. The siblings.

I looked at these 2 flowers one morning and quite admired them. I loved the colour of each flower, and the detailing to be found in them. I held them together.

The thought that ran through my mind was that despite their differences, despite their clear outward features, they somehow were just like ‘peas in a pod’  – funnily that’s exactly the term I use when describing my kids collectively.

The beauty of love

Now whilst such beauty exists in nature, it is amazing that it can be become not so beautiful as well. The harmony that allows us to coexist, allows us to display our beauty, our inner purpose. This harmony is a balance that needs to be maintained.

As beings, in order for us to display our full beauty, what is crucial is that we are given our space to grow and realize our fullest potential. Just like the plants and trees of nature that coexist beautifully within forested areas, each plant grows on its own, it grows individually. These plants and trees will produce their own flowers, leaves and fruit and become what they ultimately were set to become. That journey is very much an individual one.

Similarly, our children are held in our hearts,  collectively as peas in a pod. They are one in the same. They are a unit. They play together, laugh together, eat together and fall asleep together. Walking the same journey of school days, birthdays and of course play days. they too walk their individual journeys. They coexist wonderfully (on most days).

…and war

However…they fight and argue and can easily take sibling rivalry to the next level on any day. This struggle, this sibling combat as it were, is difficult to watch but again is nature’s allowance of individualism. Each being though coming from a collective, develops individually, displays their unique beauty and exhibits their individual strength. This war, this fighting and arguing for space, for things, to be first, to be the best, is part of the necessary journey of growth and self realization.

In order to attain their higher purpose and realize their full potential, there is a similar struggle that takes place amongst plants and trees within forests as well. Despite their coexistence within the same habitat, despite the outward beauty displayed by the carpet of green that is seen in forested areas, plants also do compete! They compete for space, for light, for food. Yet, this war is a necessary one, and this war ultimately makes the forest the beautiful sight that it is.

Embrace life

So while we hope that the beauty that exists to make us a whole, is insurmountable, we can quickly recognize that the differences also add to that beauty. The differences in my two beautiful flowers on that weekday morning, uniformed at their core, but beautifully different on their exterior, make them together an image of beauty. Let us remember to embrace the beauty that is life. Hold dear our peas our pod but not be afraid to let them germinate on their own.

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Nature’s Beauty

Nature’s beauty


Growing up in Maracas Valley, in Trinidad, has always been a tremendous joy. To this day, visiting home as an adult, brings a sense of calm and peace to my heart.

The Valley offers something that cannot be understated.

The untouched beauty of forested areas bring that much needed perspective of our insignificance amongst their greatness. Yet these forests with their beautiful trees, their lush green leaves and the vast vegetation on the forest floors somehow still signal you into their world with a hushed beckoning and peaceful grace.

What is particularly distinctive is the balance achieved between the deafening silence within these walls of trees – the fact that they can easily ‘press mute’ to the external sounds of a busy and hustling world, with the natural sounds that they themselves generate from all of those creatures they have embraced within their furrows and branches. These creatures themselves generate a range of sounds, which somehow never seem like noise but are almost harmonious themselves.

Isn’t it wonderful spending time outside of the concrete jungle? The real jungle is so much better!

There is something about the sound of birds. That chirping. That singing. That ever so sweet sound that awakens sleepy heads on a morning. What I find so beautiful about birds, is that they exist seemingly in their own world – they flutter from tree branch to tree branch, soar high in the sky and then land ever so gently on their nest. Not the least bit bothered by the goings on in the world around them.

Then there is that stream that meandered through the forest floor. It was an absolute delight when we were younger to run across that stream, splash, dance and spend loads of time doing nothing in that pristine, cold, valley water! Many a Saturday afternoon was spent there.  Time would stand still.

The sun and the rain. These all provided their own form of delight. Their own form of joy. Their own form of play. They facilitated games and laughter. And on many a day when they coexisted, the rainbows crowned the skies with majestic beauty.


The escape that the natural environment provides to the soul, is almost vital to a healthy life.  The speed at which we exist every day is at times unsustainable. I am not sure when it became the norm to stop walking through the forests and to start walking though offices; to no longer shout with laughter but to start corporate bickering.  Reflecting on those carefree days bring great perspective to the importance of the simpler things, to what truly matters in life – the fact that we are really made to spend time in close connection with the earth, our true escape. I fell lucky and actually blessed, that my escape still exists. Connecting now to our anthurium farm, allows us to still connect with nature. It provides that much needed escape and balance to the crazy lives in our new type of jungle.

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Your Quiet Place

Bed side sanctuary

I have come to realize,  only after time, that your bedroom space plays a key role in your overall  peace of mind and state of being, during the course of the day.  

It is easy to overlook this part of your home, as it is typically the place where you literally ‘crash’ after a long day. You get home from work, do your dinner prep, the homework prep with kids, wash up, shower and crash. Then before you know it, the alarm goes off, birds start chirping (ever so sweetly) and you are off to a new day!

But we recently redid our bedroom space and there is validity to doing some simple redesigning!

Mega Tips Tuesdays – For your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your space. Your sanctuary. And as such you can design it to your heart’s desire. There are some large impact things that can be done and then there are the finer details that really add that special touch.

  • A new paint colour is a quick win in setting a new mood within the room. It is that stamp around which the rest of the room will flow. As the aim is to create your refuge, then the choice really should be calming, but not boring, exciting though not extreme. Just think of that colour that once you enter the room, it literally makes you see “ahhhhhh”.
  • Clear the space of the clutter….the shoes that are tossed under the bed (where do those shoes keep coming from!); the laundry basket;  the treadmill that acts as a towel rail (let’s be real here folks). Just do an assessment of what really needs to stay versus what can go.
  • The finishing touches – this is where the pure delight comes in! That new bedspread or quilt. Matching window treatments. A rug perhaps to draw your colour choice to floor. And then those jewel pieces – side tables and lamps; a sparkly vase and beautiful flowers to just add those finishing touches.

Such simple changes will add to your overall calming effect. You will enjoy your quiet space and feel rejuvenated, not only in the morning, but when you come home in the evening too!

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Renewal of Spirit

by Mega Blogs on March 24, 2018 in Life

Renewal of Spirit

Renewal of Spirit

During this time of year, every year, I am reminded of our dependence. I am reminded that while I think I am in control, managing our home, the kids  and all of the family’s affairs, that ultimately I am so reliant on our God, our source of life.

It is so important for us to take the time to quiet our busy lives – to go within and centre ourselves, to reflect and renew our Spirit.  We need to distance ourselves from the constant going and going and literally remember to breathe!

This renewal of Spirit acts as a quarterly car servicing as it were. A monthly mechanic check up. A daily fueling. It ensures that we take that time to truly obtain a perspective of the ‘bigger picture’.

So let us take the time.  Let us take the time to centre ourselves. Let us take the time to calm our busy days. Let us take the time to renew.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Welcome Home

Warm Welcome Entry Table

by Mega Blogs on March 18, 2018 in At Home


I have packed away the toys, I have straightened up the house. It now looks like adults live here.  The decision to host at home requires the decision to pull the place together. Sometimes the amount of work that goes into preparing for guests, is more than you care to do during any regular week!

It however is wonderful knowing that you are able to host friends and family at home. And while a lot of time and prep goes into the meal, the drinks and the desert, a simple but usually overlooked place is the entrance to your home!

Make a statement at the door.

Nothing makes a statement more than a welcoming entryway to your home. That statement piece that sets the tone to the evening, be it a signature table, an ornamental piece or of course a floral arrangement! Guests appreciate the attention to detail of their hosts. It creates the mood for the time to be spent together, and almost bridges to the next occasion when there will be another gathering.

So do some shopping for that right entry table.

  • Select either long and narrow for long hallway entrances.
  • Or choose circular / semi-circular (my favourite) for entrances that have sufficient square footage to accommodate.
  • Decide on what your statement at the door will be – a lamp with ornate lamp shade or base; a cluster of unique ornamental pieces or flowers either loose or arranged.

Once these are defined and placed, then the fun, laughter and mere joy that fills your home will be as satisfying as the meal shared together, and will be so good it will nourish your soul.

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The bags of Life

Our lives packed in bags!

by Mega Blogs on March 15, 2018 in Life

The bags of Life

School bags, hand bags, laptop bags…the morning dilemma
On a random morning, somewhere in between finding the keys for the car and hollering “It’s time to go!” to the troops, I glanced at what I can only describe as a conundrum, a plethora, a never ending pile of bags!

It is in that brief moment, when it occurred to me.

This right here is your life!
I did what needed to be done to get these various packages to the car, but reflected on them.

The kids’ bags packed with supplies needed for them to become knowledgeable persons in society [their trolley High Sierra bags are durable!] They also have their extra curricular bags carrying sneakers and the like for afternoon activities – an important part of training these young ones for future endeavours. Then there was my laptop bag, carrying my laptop and who knows what else  in there! An important tool in my career none the less and what helps in paying the bills,  and buying these very bags!

Then there are the lunch bags…..the bags that I spend time with every morning in an intimate dance of fill the container / pack into the lunch bag. Fill the lunch container then pack into the lunch bag. Fill the fruit container then pack into the lunch bag. Fill the snack container then pack into the lunch bag. Fill the water and juice containers and then pack these into the lunch bag too. This dance routine across the kitchen floor is almost rhythmic and takes place in the peace of the morning before the melody is broken by the sound of the pitter patter of feet coming down the corridor to the kitchen, which in and of themselves are a rhythmic beautfiul sound.

But it is back to the reality of the moment. The race against that clock! We’ve piled into the car and we are off, with the car trunk filled with the packages of our lives.

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At Home

Your calming space

by Mega Blogs on February 21, 2018 in At Home

Your space at Home

There is always an opportunity to create what you can consider to be your space of sanctity at home. That place that when you glance at it, during the course of a busy day, allows you to enjoy a brief moment of calm.

I think that within that space, you are allowed (as in no one else has a say!) to place those:

  • treasured pieces from your various travels
  • beautiful pieces of art
  • photos of loved ones and even your friends whose smiles will take you back to fun times
  • fresh flowers or plants, which as you nurture them daily, act to nourish your soul

Sometimes just sitting with your cup of coffee or tea and looking at this space, acts as a form of meditation. Turning on your favourite piece of music adds that perfect touch as well!

So take some time to set up your space at home. Allow yourself the freedom set it up just how you wish, in an area that is visible to you yet secluded enough to enjoy within your peaceful moments at home.

Let us know about your space..
Chat with us via our contact details.

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