Remembering Dads

While we read alot about the moms who faced challenging times during the lock down period, we don’t discuss as frequently, the challenges faced by dads.

Dads who had the uncertainty of guaranteed income to support their families;
those who needed to pivot their businesses to embrace the new norm;
those that had quiet fears of the health and safety of their families;
and those that anxiously kept abreast of world events to understand how to steer their family’s ship in uncertain waters.

There is also the lighter side of husbands who couldn’t head to their weekly sporting hobby or take part in their afternoon ‘sweat’ on the field.

Those who felt cooped up at home, unable to do the occassional ‘lime’ with the boys to ease their stresses but instead had to socialise at home with screaming kids and a stressed out wife!

So let’s take some time to remember the dads. It has not been easy for them either.
We salute you too!

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