Renewal of Spirit


Renewal of Spirit

During this time of year, every year, I am reminded of our dependence. I am reminded that while I think I am in control, managing our home, the kids  and all of the family’s affairs, that ultimately I am so reliant on our God, our source of life.

It is so important for us to take the time to quiet our busy lives – to go within and centre ourselves, to reflect and renew our Spirit.  We need to distance ourselves from the constant going and going and literally remember to breathe!

This renewal of Spirit acts as a quarterly car servicing as it were. A monthly mechanic check up. A daily fueling. It ensures that we take that time to truly obtain a perspective of the ‘bigger picture’.

So let us take the time.  Let us take the time to centre ourselves. Let us take the time to calm our busy days. Let us take the time to renew.

Happy Easter everyone!

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