Sentimental Flowers and the Royal Wedding

The Sentimentality of Flowers and the Royal Wedding

I looked at the beautiful bridal bouquet that Meghan Markle – now Duchess of Sussex – chose for her big day. The small bunch was arranged almost to suit the size of her hand perfectly. The length of the stalks and the heights of the flowers were cut to precision.

The simplicity of her boquet, much like her dress, stood out. She did not chose the bright colours, the large foliage, the combination of floral types that is typical of the trends of today. It did not include the white roses that are are also a popular choice or the anthurium flowers of the tropical theme.

She kept it quite small, almost cute. She chose simplicity yet elegance, to accompany her down the aisle yesterday.  The beauty of her boquet extended beyond the physical beauties of the Forget-Me-Nots, jasmine, sweet peas and lily of the valley flowers.

We also understand that sprigs of Myrtle a tradition across royal weddings were included. These flowers, a symbol of hope and love, are also used in wedding boquets to infuse futures with hope and love. What was most beautiful about the inclusion of these sprigs of flowers was the sentimentality behind them. They were hand selected and chosen because they were a favourite of the deceased Princess Diana. She particularly loved these flowers. These flowers offered the sentimentality that is a key component of weddings.

Flowers allow for that symbolism. They allow for that link to tradition. They offer that sentimental value. They evoke that emotion that is usually rife on such occassions. This certainly was not lost on the big Royal Wedding day yesterday and will continue to be a key component of important and memorable occassions for years to come.

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