She loved our Flowers

She loved our flowers.


She was a darling. So sweet, so kind. Gentle always but certainly firm and assertive when nedeed! Her smile was her signature feature. It lit up a room, lit up a conversation, lit up a gathering of the girls! She wore her smile beautifully. Her shoes however, she wore her shoes with style.

She loved shoes. She loved them. She dreamed them, she shopped them and then she wore them. She cared for them. Her sense of style was genereous, enjoying high heels, platforms and work pumps. All colours, all designs, all captured in photos on her feet. And those feet took her to many a travel destination!

She loved to travel. Her joy for life and shoes was shared with her joy for travelling, an activity she did as often as she could. She did the traditional and she did the unique. The Miami, the New York and Orlando, but also the Washington and Alaska. The cruises were a particular delight! She took a delight in our flowers.

She loved our flowers. She loved them adorning her home, and bringing warmth to her heart. She loved the colours and their beauty.  She would put them on the counter that was a central focal point on entry to the home. Visible from the living room and enjoyed from the kitchen. She loved them and we loved her. Our dearest cousin.

Then one day cancer stepped in. A completely unwanted guest that never left. A guest that unfortunately was a familiar one to us her family members. We all hoped never to see it again, but it came back. Cancer came back and never left. She fought a good fight. She was gracious. She had tough days but was gracious through it all.

Cancer took this beautiful soul away from us within a year. Cancer took this joyous being,  just after her 37th year with us. Cancer took her too soon. Much too soon. On June 20th 2018. What it has not done however, is to take the memories we have of her. Her smile, her love of life, her love of flowers and of shoes. This dreaded disease is ripping away so many lives. It aims to destoy the physical, but it would never be successful and erasing the memories. These live on in our minds, blossoming always, just like the flowers that she loved.

Rest in Peace our dearest Aisha.




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