The Power of Flowers

The complimentary pairing of life’s simplest pleasures – a delightful meal and flowers. Tablescape courtesy Daniella Kwang.

“It is proven that flowers have the power to make lives better.” 

Secretary General of the Association of Horticulture Producers Tim Briercliffe.

When you think of it, many of life’s most joyous moments are punctuated by the presence of florals. Their presence is central to spectacular tablescapes. They can be found on immaculately laid family lunch tables, courting wonderful conversations and peals of laughter. They provide that gentle touch of colour at breakfast occasions complimenting the continental scrambled eggs and pancakes, or the flavourful local cuisines that are simply irrestible.

What is a romantic dinner in the glow of warm flickering candle lights without the presence of flowers. An evening at home with your closest girlfriends with chitter chatter over (many) glasses of wine, is not complete without that floral conversation piece that stimulates the ooohhs and aaahhs upon entry to your home. An afternoon of delightful high tea almost demands that perfectly designed intimately selected floral piece.

These life occassions are many. These moments are special. These events are intimate. These life moments seemlessly weave into their precious fabric the beauty of flowers. The ubiquitous nature of flowers cannot be underestimated. Flowers have their own power, and for this reason, they are an integral part of our lives.

So remember that special touch of flowers, when planning your next occassion (however small it may be…). Include that touch of colour and class. Consider including a bunch today.

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