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I have packed away the toys, I have straightened up the house. It now looks like adults live here.  The decision to host at home requires the decision to pull the place together. Sometimes the amount of work that goes into preparing for guests, is more than you care to do during any regular week!

It however is wonderful knowing that you are able to host friends and family at home. And while a lot of time and prep goes into the meal, the drinks and the desert, a simple but usually overlooked place is the entrance to your home! 

Make a statement at the door.

Nothing makes a statement more than a welcoming entryway to your home. That statement piece that sets the tone to the evening, be it a signature table, an ornamental piece or of course a floral arrangement! Guests appreciate the attention to detail of their hosts. It creates the mood for the time to be spent together, and almost bridges to the next occasion when there will be another gathering.

  • So do some shopping for that right entry table. Select either long and narrow for long hallway entrances. Or choose circular / semi-circular (my favourite) for entrances that have sufficient square footage to accommodate.
  • Decide on what your statement at the door will be – a lamp with ornate lamp shade or base; a cluster of unique ornamental pieces or flowers either loose or arranged.

Once these are defined and placed, then the fun, laughter and mere joy that fills your home will be as satisfying as the meal shared together, and will be so good it will nourish your soul.

Mega Blogs.

Anthurium Flowers: from Mega Blooms. See other varieties at wwwmegablooms.com

Table: purchased at Mode Alive.

Ornamental pieces: from various travel destinations.

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