Welcome June Showers

And just like that, the rains have come. Finally. Much like incoming waves on an evening beach, or the sound of kissidee birds mid flight, swooping around at play. Both sudden. Both unexpected, but certainly welcome.

The coming of the rains brings with it a sense of renewal. It is amazing to see how quickly the grasses begin to show tips of green; how wilting leaves become upright, and how flowers begin to slowly open. The gardens take on a new look. The parched dryness of the earth gives way to moisture, dampness and life.

The response of nature to these showers, mirrors the need for our lives to be renewed as well. To absorb what is around us, and give way to a rebirth as it were. What will become the new tips of green in our lives; what will become upright in your life; what will begin to slowly open in your life?

In this spirit of renewal, let us take time to absorb these June rains and reflect on opportunities for renewal. Let the rains moisten those parched areas of our lives. Is there a family relationship or friendship that needs tending to? Has your spirituality wilted over time, and needs to be revived? Is there a health goal, a personal care goal, a learning something new goal, that needs to be slowly opened in your life?

As we welcome the rains, let us take time to reflect and spring forth a newness to our lives.

Enjoy the rains!

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